January 19, 2022

Part III from “A, Obvious”

A3: the flop was garbage absolute garbage calling on the prospect of a fold before even looking I can only trade the farm if my heart feels any inkling of escape there’s nothing left to […]

Part II from “A, Obvious”

A2: the 1st fiance challenge involves a pistol call it what you will it’s a sign that as the hammer falls life has turned a corner.

Part 1 from “A, Obvious”

A1: settlements are always satisfaction even when loss is evident here on the sofa the floor covered in a thin, fine layer of dust life reminds me of all the other dusts the bugs accumulating […]

Are We Broken?

Are We Broken? I walked down the street the other day I noticed a man with one arm in a wheelchair struggling up a hill. A while later I saw a mother with a child […]

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