March 27, 2023

Review of “The Weeping Empress”

A fantasy epic set in an alternative universe alongside (or crooked) to ours, Sadie Forsythe illustrates the journey of a young woman called Chiyo and her relationship with violence and destiny. Chiyo is from our […]

“The Ethereal Tree” is poetry growing?

By Ruth Ingamells In reading you will experience a medley of emotions similar to grief. Ranging from relief to melancholy to power to peace. Donato F. Duldulao, Jr. illustrates his life in his poetry collection […]

Cats – jumping on the bandwagon?

A review of “The Truth About Cats” by M0lly Brandenburg By Ruth Ingamells We are the cat obsessed generation, and this book caters perfectly for us. As a cat lover myself this book jumped out […]