January 31, 2023

The Tempest: An Oxford Garden Show

Amongst the punting, the croquet and the Pimms on freshly shaven lawns, the garden show is one of those phenomenon that represents an Oxfordian summer. Classically intellectual and brimming with ‘thesps’, the audience absorbing the […]

Shakespeare on Screen: Do or Don’t?

In Issue 39 (Jan/Feb 2012) of Little White Lies magazine, the publication’s editor, Matt Bochenski, reviewed Ralph Fiennes’  Coriolanus. In his review, Bochenski claims “there’s no place for William Shakespeare in cinema”, commenting on the […]

An Assignment & Monsoon Rain

How can I, who have seen so many summers, sunsets and sunrises, laughter and tears pick one memory from my kaleidoscopic life to write about? I pick one and the kaleidoscope turns bringing together different […]

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