May 24, 2019

A Little Bit of Paper Loveliness: The Work of Jennifer Collier

Little Women Stilettos

If your a fan of all things crafty and a little bit quirky, then the fantastic designs of artist Jennifer Collier are for you. I came across her work recently and I haven’t seen anything like it before. For all you fashion students like me, her delicate shoes made entirely out of paper will be truly inspirational and they are definitely something you would love sitting on your work desk. From the ‘Little Women Stilettos’ crafted out of the leaves of a book, that come unframed (I wouldn’t want them framed anyway!) to a gorgeous dress made entirely out of letters, each piece of tangible artwork is unique. Jennifer commissions many artworks and she can be contacted directly to request an item of your liking. Additionally, a large number of pieces can be purchased online at With a particularly nostalgic feeling it all seems very special and unique. I find Jennifer’s work fascinating and she is extremely talented, so visit her website and have a good look.

Little Women Stilettos




Letter Roliflex


Map SLR Camera.

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