June 20, 2024

Top 5 Flea-Markets – A Sunday in Berlin

Curious Curiosities Sunday is the day of rest? Hardly; in Berlin people stroll the avenues and parks, or meet for brunch in any of the bountiful cafes of their Kiez (neighborhood). Many however throng to […]

Berlin Walls – A Black Book of Urban Art

A ‘black book’ is an urban artist’s portfolio. But I am not talking about ‘knights’, or ‘angels’ and their ‘window-downs’ or ‘throw-ups’, whether their ‘up’, nor how long a ‘run’ takes. Respect nonetheless, but I […]

A 19th Century Flaneur in 2012 Berlin

Being an urban observer’s narration of accompanying Dickens on a stroll through modern Berlin.   I am a Victoriana freak, thriving on all things 19th century – as well as an avid traveler. I find it easy to […]

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