January 24, 2019

Art spotted in Fitzrovia at @WhiteRainbowLDN, @Tiwaniart, @ArtfirstLondon & @RPGallery

Art exhibitions are like music albums. Rarely are all tracks good. Sometimes every song is shocking. Often only one stands out.

This week there are no complete exhibitions to be recommended in Fitzrovia. But if you’re in the area looking for an art fix try these pieces.

 Tiwani Contemporary

Anima Mundi by Theo Eshetu. Part of his Constellations exhibition, this is an immersive multimedia and video installation. Often that is code for something to be avoided but here it is unusual and worth seeing. A mirror box includes a globe of videos which reflect the viewer in such a way that you become part of the piece.

Until 31 October


Art First

Check out the faded, monotone impasto oils in the first room of Joni Brenner’s exhibition on the lower floor.

Until 14th November


Rosenfeld Porcini

A small untitled painting on the inside of a dismantled cardboard match box. Oil and ink, delicate and unusual from Marianna Gioka

Until 2 December


White Rainbow

Hidenori Yamaguchi’s ink wash cityscape painting. A hand-crafted image that apes a tilt-shift photography effect.

Until 7 November


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