February 24, 2024

The well-dressed gentleman: Tweet us photo details of your outfit #fashion #style

The well-dressed gentleman

The Flaneur is looking for photos from well-dressed gentlemen of details of their outfit. Maybe your shoes, or the turn-up on your trousers – the pocket square or suit lining. Cufflinks or glasses, tie knot or belt buckle. Or a hundred other things that go to make up your look.

How to submit

Tweet @flaneurzine with your photo attached. Include a comment about the photo if you want, and the hashtag #WhatTheWellDressedGentlemanIsWearing if you have room and are not typing with one finger on a phone! Otherwise use #WellDressed

If you prefer you can email images to style@flaneur.me.uk with  WhatTheWellDressedGentlemanIsWearing or WellDressed in the title.

Thanks for taking part in this project. Please spread the word amongst any well-dressed gentlemen that you know and get them to tweet @flaneurzine with their pictures.

By sending a photo you give us the right to use it. Depending on the number of photos we get we will either create a short film, book, exhibition or article. To follow the project and see the results follow @flaneurzine on Twitter.

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