June 22, 2024

TV film of the week: Dog Day Afternoon on @ITV

Dog Day Afternoon is a 1970s classic starring The¬†Godfather brothers Al Pacino and John Cazale. You’ll probably want to set the recorder for this one given it starts at 11.45pm. (Saturday 3rd January).


Directed by Sidney Lumet Dog Day Afternoon tells the true story of first-time bank robbers Sonny and Sal. Mainly set in a small branch of the First Brooklyn Savings Bank, the film’s tension builds as a standoff with police develops and the inept thieves develop into popular heroes. Live TV news was in its infancy and jumped with glee on the unusually motivated crime. With an Oscar-winning screenplay and several other Academy Award nominations – including for both main actors, this film has been placed on the Library of Congress National Film Registry and will be preserved forever. So there’s plenty of time to see it even if you don’t catch it this week.

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