June 22, 2024

Be part of the 90 paintings in 90 days project

Alicia Araya is an artist living in Marshall, USA. She is seeking funding for an Epic Painting project through the site Kickstarter. She picks up the story…

I propose to paint 90 landscape paintings in 90 days. I’m basing them on a book titled Turner at the Tate which shows all the Turner pieces in the collection at the Tate Britain  in London. His work has always inspired me, both technically and artistically, and I have found his beautiful paintings work well when reproduced on weathered and river-beaten wood boards we find on local walks. The marriage of old British seascapes and landscapes with the natural beauty of Appalachia will hopefully emerge in my pieces, once I complete this project.

It’s one thing to find three or four, or even fifteen pieces of driftwood to gesso over and turn into art – and another indeed to find 90! Similarly, oil paints are not cheap to come by and I estimate that, a third through the process, my already-depleted supply of materials would give out altogether. For these and other reasons associated with subsidizing this project, I am seeking $3,200 from the general public, so as to paint 90 small to medium traditional oil paint landscapes onto pieces of driftwood. This translates to a 630 hour committment to reinterpretations of a master’s work. I will keep an ongoing blogging and video update of my efforts as I go along, and, after the process, I will take my finished product and promote it in various galleries.


Alicia’s campaign runs out on 4th February, so please check it out at https://kck.st/tC9jLX.
and if you feel like being part of it please click the right buttons!


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