October 2, 2023

Become a MAshRome friend or submit your film!

MAshRome Film Fest is in its inaugural year and with your help, we would like it to become the first Italian festival dedicated to Mash Up and cinematic Remix. The creative universe of Mash Up is very rich and we want to explore it with all of you.

The festival will be the perfect place to explore, experiment and build the future possibilities of this new art. We will search the web world to find the most original and creative contemporary artistic expressions and make them recognisable and accessible to the public.

Everyone who supports us will appear on our social networks and will:

  • be accredited as partner, sponsor, patron, supporter and receive a public acknowledgment (public appreciation, credits)
  • take part in the creation of the Festival: the concept is outlined but we are willing to accept any contribution to the development of the artistic programme
  • have access to privileged relationships (joining special events, information in advance on the project developments, reduction on the Pass fees, discounted gadgets)
  • Every donation is welcome!
For more details of how to submit your film or support the festival visit https://www.mashrome.org


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