February 27, 2024

@peoplesfridge :London’s first community fridge launches in Brixton

The Peopls Fridge is a great project. It is sad that it is needed but wonderful that volunteers have seen a need and are doing something about it. 

Powered by a crowdfunding campaign, London’s first community fridge launched today at Pop Brixton. The People’s Fridge is a public fridge where local businesses and residents can leave spare, edible food for those who need it. It is run by a group of local volunteers and aims to cut food waste, encourage food sharing and help tackle food poverty.

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Food waste is a huge issue in the UK and is valued at about £17 billion each year. Restaurants throw away 900,000 tonnes of food a year. UK households throw away on average an equivalent of 24 edible meals a month, meaning Lambeth households alone throw away nearly forty million meals each year. Currently 8.4 million people in the UK – about the size of London’s population – live in food insecurity.

The People’s Fridge helps to bridge this gap. Open to anyone, it offers a secure, managed place for retailers, restaurants and individuals to share fresh food with those who need it. Anyone can donate food or take it out and its presence provides a visible focus for cutting food waste and helps boost the sharing economy in London.

For more information

Website: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/peoples-fridge 

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