December 7, 2023

Puppet Loosely Strung – Debut album coming soon from genre-busters The Correspondents

Where to file The Correspondents in your music collection? Well, under ‘C’ I suppose, but if you have a big collection sorted by genre then you’ve a bit of a problem. Theirs is a unique sound embracing everything from jazz and blues to electro and drum ‘n’ bass.


‘Puppet Loosely Strung’ is the long-awaited culmination of years of musical experience from The Correspondents, a duo consisting of producer, Chucks, and singer, Mr Bruce. Although this is their debut album they have toured relentlessly for the last four years, averaging three gigs a week. They’ve been in the Telegraph’s Top Ten Glastonbury Highlights  two years in a row so are established enough that their first album is an enjoyable mix of charismatic sounds and heart-felt lyrics.

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You need only listen to the first two singles to be taken from their debut to see the extent of the contrast on show. While ‘Fear and Delight’ sees the duo developing their trademark sound of upbeat, genre-mashing alternative pop, second single, ‘Alarm Call’,  is a more personal and poignant affair Mr Bruce moves effortlessly between the bold, rousing chorus, before quasi-whispering the emotional mid-section: “I’m haunted by the sound of your alarm call”.

Their live shows are said to be electric, we’ll keep you posted when they are playing next. Until then the new album is released on 10th March.

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