January 23, 2022

5th Slovo Russian literature festival opens in London 8 March @academiarossica

From Pushkin to Pelevin, Dostoevsky to Shishkin, Tolstoy to Bykov – literature has always been Russia’s calling card. Their stories, their insights into human nature, their philosophical musings and debates continue to engage and inspire readers all over the world.

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The only festival of Russian literature outside Russia takes place in London and some of Russia’s most celebrated writers will be in attendance, presenting their new books, meeting with readers, debating with UK authors and specialists, and discussing new projects with publishers and translators.

SLOVO is a chance for Russian writers to bring their work to the UK and an opportunity for UK audiences to meet with the key players in Russian intellectual life.

The Festival opens on 8 March with a talk by Mikhail Shishkin – Of Living Noses and Dead Souls. One of the most celebrated contemporary Russian writers, he will reflect on the great and eternal themes which are still relevant in today’s Russia. He will be followed by “Night Snipers” – rock musician Diana Arbenina. She will present Sprinter – a new collection of poems published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her performances.

Internationally award-winning writers, Zakhar Prilepin, Alexander Terekhov, Sergei Shargunov, and Olga Sedakova will also be in London for the Festival which will also feature exclusive films based on the works Ilf and Petrov, Pelevin, and Bulgakov.

This year’s SLOVO will run from the 8-23 March, featuring 16 Russian authors at 20 events over the course for 16 days.

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