December 2, 2021

‘Between America and Portugal’ – artist Ana Brotas features on LA billboard

Ace Hotel’s continuing project with WeTransfer invites artists to helm the billboard outside Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. Their accompanying digital download is made available on, in celebration of the mutual love for sharing. So far, this project has hosted the work of Brian Roettinger, Italian design house Fabrica, Stefan Marx, Robert Montgomery, Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Yung Jake to name a few.

This month, they have called upon the talents of Portuguese artist Ana Brotas, whose colorful work has been exhibited internationally, breaching and blurring the lines between the believable and the bizarre. For this month’s billboard, she’s culled from the history and creases of an origami boat, re-envisioning the traditional form with analog images from everyday life. The aim is that a viewer can not only appreciate the collage, but also download the artwork, print it and then construct an origami boat. Once assembled, the boat is designed so it carries inside on one side images of America and on the other side images of Portugal.

Speaking of her work, Kelly Sawdon, Partner / Chief Brand Officer at Atelier Ace says “We’re so intrigued with Ana’s particular way of telling a story through these images. Her process is really about meaning-making, which we’re glad to bring to the streets of Downtown LA.”.

Ana Brotas is a Portuguese visual artist that studied Fine Art in London at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths University. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including Russia, USA, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, India, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and throughout Europe. She was awarded at Camberwell and Deptford’s “Contemporary Visual Arts Festival” and selected works have been published in the “young, fresh and relevant” journal and several online magazines. Currently, she is coordinating the MAE artists’ retreat program in Portugal and teaching Audiovisual Communication at Antonio Arroio Art School.

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