February 24, 2024

The Old Bird


Raised glasses toast at the stretched saloon,

away from the humanised beats and moving feet,

I wonder the crowd mesmerised by the colourful bulbs,

To the open road where there’s smoke, I retreat.


I inhale a large breath of toxic magic,

I watch young beautiful lives digest,

the path that’s lead them to the now,

we smile and laugh and rest.


I can’t recall on how it happened, or why or when but fate,

lead me to this wise old bird and we caught each others gaze.

Conversation was brash, we lost our will to reason our wishes,

and I leaned in to touch her lips, so soft it put me in a daze.


We left our troubles and worlds behind to rest within the nest,

I had to stop and my heart was beating so fast,

her calming eyes, her beautiful smile, My hands they began to,

Entwine her golden locks, forever it will last.


It’s very rare you get to meet a dear old bird with a trick,

Underneath their playful games they do for fun,

you see their real beauty, and my heart yearns to touch,

that beak, that hair, those joyful eyes, to hold and to run.



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