June 22, 2024

Album Preview: Fresh Sounds from an Eclectic Pop-rock Band

‘Thunder and Lightning’ by Everything But Arms

I got the chance to preview an album of a new, up and coming band which I believe could be pretty big this year. The Portsmouth based 5-piece is young, talented and contemporary. Going by the name of Everything But Arms, these young men have only been a band officially since June 2010, after they all left separate semi-serious bands to combine their mix of talents and create a committed band with huge potential. They are primarily a pop-rock group who have been described by newspapers as eclectic and fresh.

This album – Thunder and Lightning – is their first full length release and consists mainly of rock songs, though they throw in the occasional soft-centred melody. Their carefully crafted harmonies and combined knowledge of music theory and practical experience provide the perfect recipe for the perfect album.

As is the case with most of the music that moves me, their songs mean something. The lyrics Will (the singer & bassist) creates are drawn from personal experience, which for the most part the listener can relate to. Some speak out about the struggles the band have overcome as a unit. Unlike many bands today, these songs draw on real life, rather than telling generic love and break up songs.

They provide a fresh outlook on life and by the end of the album you feel somewhat uplifted and ready to take on the year ahead. And just in time too, with its release date of March 28th its ready to get you out of those winter blues and ready to put spring into your step.

I am now bothered to say I have finished this article, so I no longer have an excuse to listen to the songs, I am permitted to wait until the album release like everyone else. Thankfully it’s not long away and as you are reading this now, the release may even be a few days away!

Looking forward to this very much, and take my word – Electrify is one of the most beautiful pieces of music you will listen to this year. Keep your eye out forEverything But Arms as this spring is going to see them across the South of England (and maybe further afield) as they tour the album. The talent this band holds deserves to be spread and these five young lads warrant success for their efforts on this album.

If you still don’t believe me you can listen to their two singles So Peter and My Dad’s a Superspy, taken from the album. They have even progressed significantly since these two releases and I cannot wait to get my hands on the album, I can tell you it will be a fiver worth spent.

When you’ve got yours, let me know what you think in a comment below.


‘Thunder and Lightning’ released on 28th March 2012

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