March 1, 2024

Exhibition preview: 3045 Variations on Rubens’ The Feast of Venus at @dreamspaceexhb

3045 Variations on Rubens’ The Feast of Venus, a global project coordinated by Inga Krymskaya will be exhibited at DreamSpace Gallery, London, 28th April to 13th May.

After a successful run at Hay Hill Gallery in December 2015, the project continues in its quest to apply a variety of contemporary techniques to the classical Flemish Baroque masterpiece by Rubens – The Feast of Venus (1635-36).

Krymskaya’s project brings the essence of the 17th century Baroque tradition of remaking paintings into the contemporary art sphere, as Rubens’ Feast of Venus itself was a variation of an earlier work by Titian. By encouraging artists to submit their variations, she is reviving a tradition that was common practice in early 17th century Antwerp, but no longer is today. Inga herself has completed over 80 Variations of Rubens’ painting, using mediums ranging from tapestry to Plexiglass to oil on canvas.


(Top) Inga Krymskaya – Variation #17 – 3D parts, mixed media and watercolour on wooden panel – 200cm x 92cm

(Bottom L-R) Bex Massey – Feast of Venus, Renata Kopac’ Rubens meets Lichtenstein and Klaus Pinter The Lost Piece

Artists from around the world will be represented, all of whom have applied their own creative techniques to the Rubens classic. Works range from a conceptual polystyrene burger box installation by a London artist to an interactive paper sculpture station by an artist from Austria. Inga does not believe in a ‘selection process’, and no artists are judged – everybody’s thoughts are laid on canvas – or other mediums – to be discussed and appreciated.

The exhibition will be launched on Thursday 28 April and will be open to the public until Friday 13 May 2016 at DreamSpace Gallery, 3 Dufferin Street, EC1Y 8NA, London.

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