February 26, 2024

Extend the memory of your Apple iPhone or iPad – successful work around from @KingstonTech

I knew that I could do everything I needed to do on an upcoming foreign trip on my iPhone. I could avoid taking a laptop and power cables except for one problem. I intended to take a lot of photos so the phone was going to fill up quickly. With an Android device I could just change the SD card. Thanks to Apple not allowing users to slip in a new memory card, when the iPhone was full I was going to have to download images onto laptop. It appeared that I would have to cart a laptop around, just to download pictures onto it.

But there is a solution which I have tested and appears to work. Kingston Technology’s MobileLite allows you to export images from your iPhone onto a memory card or USB stick. (It also works the other way round, allowing you to stream from the memory card to your device, but that isn’t what I was interested in).

Click the image for more details

You just turn the device on and search for the wifi signal it emits. Downloading a free app allows you to access it from your Apple device. I had soon transferred a picture both ways, just to check the functionality.

This is a great step forward for Apple users. It’s not as convenient as changing memory cards, but it means that you can carry a small extra device instead of a laptop, and can download pictures onto SD cards and USB sticks on the move. Hurrah for Kingston!

(In April 2014 this device cost £26.98 at Amazon).

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