February 26, 2024

From Bus to Marquee: The hi-techery of motor home design at Silverstone’s #FIAWEC weekend

In the olden days when everything was black and white teams would arrive at a race venue, park the team bus and that was it. In fact they were lucky if they had a team bus. How times have changed. Today’s buses have wings and canopies that turn them into marquees. The teams are missing a trick by not renting them out for weddings. A few of the examples on display in the paddock at Silverstone show just how much ingenuity goes in to the design of these unusual conglomerations.

IMG 0581

Pecom racing is a fine example of a bus disguised as a marquee.

IMG 0582

Race admin even have chairs on the roof of their bus to allow them to enjoy the sun. These were somewhat under-used at Silverstone…

IMG 0583

Audi brought a complete building to Silverstone. I had to ask to make sure it was temporary. It is though, and can be configured in different ways according to the space they have available. I don’t think a bus is involved, but I could be wrong.

IMG 0588

Rebellion Racing have a hi-tech set-up, with balcony. But it still gives me the impression that this folds down and that slides in… et voila! Un bus!

IMG 0590

Aston Martin have gone for the classic bus marquee set-up.

IMG 0593

Whilst Porsche seem to have a lorry-marquee hybrid

IMG 0598

Toyota have a large space emblazoned with their drivers’ names. There’s probably a bus in there somewhere, it’s hard to tell.

IMG 0600

What the Lotus base transforms into and out of I have no idea. But I’d be surprised if a ¬†bus is not involved.

The intricacies of the creation of the motorhome are amazing. Research will be carried out into this subject and a full report made in the future. A dissertation might even be written on the subject. Any teams that can share information on the journey from bus to motorhome please get in touch! racing@flaneur.me.uk


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