May 28, 2024

Moving on

Moving on.As hard as it may often seem, sometimes it’s best to close the book and put it on the shelf, after all you can read the same book but it won’t tell you a different story. It can be a challenge but you have to keep on pedaling. Actors have to work their way through the rehearsal process with a suck-it-and-see technique which requires getting it wrong, misunderstanding and getting wires crossed with other actors; such is the same for life. A phase is a bad one for as long as we let it be bad, turn it around. Sometimes stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone allows us to discover something new, and something new is more often than not welcomed even if we don’t realise in the present.Moving on is something we all have to do and whether it is our choice or not it is definitely in our interests to be the most positive that we can be, positivity creates acceptance and allows you to be accepted. Just as an actor may go to rehearsals thinking that they know how to portray their character, without removing themselves from their comfort zone, without exploring different avenues or without being willing to take a risk. Literally feeling stuck in the mud, not knowing what’s right but definitely knowing something’s wrong may be the green light to get you moving.

The effort that it takes to be negative and fall into the ‘why me?’ category should really be utilised productively, well why not me? The frustration that actors feel through the rehearsal process is relevant because it’s human nature to explore our emotions and test our boundaries. More often than not we don’t know what’s right for us until we know what’s wrong. So all in all try is the moral here even when you’re feeling so low that it all just seems pointless. I shall borrow a well-known sales tag: “Try something new today” – you might actually like it.

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