February 26, 2024

SIFR: New footwear range out now

As a part of the SS13 Shadow Circus collection Sifr have released their contemporary artisan footwear collection.

SifrSS 13 Shoes 11

This footwear range features suede and leather loafers, lightweight sandals, evening and day boots and stylish gentlemen’s sneakers.

Perfectly complimenting the mainline collection, various types of jade provide the base colour palate for the range .The jade is mixed with patterns from ethnic tapestries from the Himalayan region as well as bits of camouflage.

SifrSS 13 Shoes 19

The brainchild of Chris John Fussner and Suraj Melwani the label evolved from Suraj’s conceptualised multi-brand clothing store KIN. Since its inception, Sifr’s designs have showcased refined lines, quality materials, solid construction and minimal detailing.

The Sifr SS13 footwear collection can be purchased from www.sifrsite.com.

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