February 26, 2024

Thought Pollution

Thought Pollution

Have you ever had pollution of the mind?

When smog fills your head and you can’t unwind

When all of the toxins from this pollution

Prevent you from finding a sensible solution.


The thoughts set in and they leave such a rancid smell

Fumes dispersing in your head convince you all is not well.

Like MRSA on a dirty ward there’s contamination

Your Judgement is soiled from this poor sanitation.


Over analysis leads to paralysis then you start to choke

Ideas and influences instigate the foul smelling smoke

Then you disorientated from the unclean intake

Your reasoning is so dirty you’re bound to make a mistake


You wonder over again when your thoughts will get clean air.

Others shouldn’t reassure you. It’s annoying and unfair.

The truth is you’re the only reason you can’t function

Recycling negative thoughts leads to your own self destruction







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