December 3, 2023

“Autumn in Paris” Personal Photographic Exhibition by Fabio Chiarini

 Fabio Chiarini at RAVAL GALLERY, via dei marsi 50 in Rome.

“Some call me a tramp, some a call me traveler, but every single picture, evokes to  me a poem, an experience, a person, something that will be remain for all my life”( Fabio Chiarini).

Fabio was born in Rome on August 14, 1985 with the eternal desire of travelling. He conquers the world around him and he catches it with his pictures. His first travel experience alone was at 16 years old to Wales. In the following years, he went to Paris for the adventure.

Without a job, friends or house hold him back, he wanted a challenge and the French capital loved him.

Later he went back to Paris and he worked as a Journalist and translator in Appeal Court and he found the inspiration of the art of photography. Fabio doesn’t stop traveling and he carries on to catch every single image of cities all over the Europe and US. Cities full of color like his photography.
“At the beginning his intention was to depict Paris in black and white, following the inspiration and admiration of the Doisneau kiss at the Hotel de Ville, but the autumn colors were so special and beautiful that it would be a pity having to hide. This gallery shows a trip and the realization of a dream, living in Paris.

This dream of going, every day, to les Champs Eliséees to work and find that not only the Arc, but palaces, fountains and small gardens that are worth being noticed. There is not only the Cathedral of Notre Dame, but the area of Saint Michel, the small bars in the alleys, and book shops. There are art galleries hidden in the streets of the Marais, cultural exhibitions of all kinds to the Latin Quarter to discover.  This all culminates with a picnic with friends at the foot of the Eiffel Tour and a stroll in the gardens, all experiences that leave a huge inspiration.
Sitting on a bench and enjoying a city so intense and discovering traditions of the people who currently live there, like drinking tea in the Mosque after an exhibition etc.

The photos are a transmission of emotions, memories, passions, a different picture from that your experience in your home country, and sometimes loneliness. The lights of the sun, in the fall represent a hope, a glimmer of light in a world, while interesting, is often dark.


For further Information:
Raval Gallery
via dei Marsi 50


Fabio Chiarini


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