June 15, 2024

Bizarre event of the day: @Orchardpig are catapulting cans of cider to London drinkers #CatapultMyCan

Cider drinkers in London…a large catapult in Glastonbury is being used to launch cider into Zones 1 and 2. It seems unlikely, even though there are photographs of the contraption available. I drove from near Glastonbury to London recently. It takes longer than you think – a good couple of hours. Can a catapult really cover the 100 miles distance between the famous Tor and Oxford Circus?

Wednesday 4th May 2016: Roger Larder, Chief Innovations Officer at Orchard Pig, launches the cider brand’s new Reveller cans through the air at speeds of 70 mph using the UK’s biggest catapult. (Photographer: Aran Jefferies)

I am told that the cans are being catapulted from Glastonbury at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and are part of a new tweet-to-order experiment. Londoners can take to social media to request a delivery, using the hashtag #CatapultMyCan. Roger Larder, Chief Innovation Officer  has commented, ‘We understand this has never been done before, and who knows, there could be a good reason why.’ The Flaneur believes that his catapult delivery system might not take off, but could be useful for getting contraband over the fence when the festival is on.

Tweet #CatapultMyCan for a chance to get your cider catapulted to you. (I gather delivery drivers may be involved for the last 99.75 miles or so…)

Orchard Pig Reveller cans can be ordered online from Nectar.

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