June 22, 2024

‘Designed by air’ – @McLarenAuto website gives insight into aerodynamic design technology

Aerodynamic design technology isn’t a simple subject. You don’t find a Dummies guide to Aerodynamics on Amazon. However a new website from McLaren tries to give insight into the process of aerodynamic design, using as an example the new McLaren P1 ™ sports car.


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The website offers viewers a detailed view as the car is ‘born’ from raw metallic and carbon elements and is crafted by airflow. The journey evolves to unveil the McLaren P1™ within the wind tunnel highlighting the aerodynamic focus of the design.

Expanding into further sections, the story behind the design of the McLaren P1™ reveals an interactive 3D model with further information about the finely honed aerodynamic features. The immersive experience, inspired by McLaren Automotive Design Director Frank Stephenson’s biomimicry design philosophy, showcases the McLaren P1™ in simulated urban, alpine, highway and track environments, detailing how the active aerodynamic systems adjust and adapt to deliver optimum performance for differing driving conditions

Frank Stephenson explains further: “Our main objective with the McLaren P1™ was to design the best driver’s car in the world, on road and track. Managing air flow in and around the car’s bodywork and optimising aerodynamics was key in achieving this goal. This design philosophy crafted the highly unique and emotive shape of the car.

“The online ‘Designed by Air’ experience developed for the McLaren P1™ captures the essence and detail of the car’s aerodynamic design in an immersive and engaging way.”


Check out the website here.

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