February 24, 2024

Call for proposals: Portobello Road Arts Project

The Portobello Road Arts Project is a series of year-round artist commissions for the Portobello Road North Wall linking North Kensington’s Portobello Road and Golborne markets.

The theme for the next installation is “The Spirit of Youth” and the work will be installed for six months, with a provisional launch date of November 2013.

The aim is to install a striking, and beautiful artwork with content that celebrates the creative achievements of young people in north Kensington, and their significant contribution to local life and culture.

The work should also be site specific, reflecting the singularity of the stretch of wall, which links the Portobello and Golborne markets.

It must be:

1. New work, as a unified composition or with a linked theme

2. Visually striking, and able to make an impact from a distance

3. Site specific

4. Relevant to the local area

5. Suitable for an outdoor site

6. Temporary

The project aims to help regenerate the Golborne area through creating a visual link between Portobello Road Market and Golborne Road Market. The project hopes through this to encourage visitors to continue their journeys further up Portobello Road to discover the vibrant Golborne area.

Click here for the full brief

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