May 30, 2024

Newly Born

Balancing at the edge of the concrete staring at the buildings in front of her. A rough palette of all times piercing the sky…the sky is awkwardly blue as her favorite seas

Brown is the color of his eyes spilled in the river under her legs and the devils that haunt her all dissolved in a sigh

I feel new again…reborn in my thirty years of being, neither sad nor happy…just new and ready. I have never felt more ready…it should be the summer the summer I inhabit every year of my existence every night breeze that chills my soul. 30 years of summer breezes and endless walks by the water stroking with my eyes every little corner of the landscape

I am ready to follow cause the only word I have in my mind today is yes. As she usually feels devil in dove’s wings a saint in a lustful body a flower in a concrete crack, today she felt just herself.  It was one of those days that just being was enough…

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