June 13, 2024

World’s largest Message-in-a-bottle still at sea! @SoloSoftDrink

Where will the world’s largest message-in-a-bottle end up?! Right now, the world’s largest message-in-a-bottle is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The bottle, which is registered as a boat, was constructed by the owner of Koeningsegg, baptized by world know explorer Jarle Andhøy – and Miss Tenerife – and is tweeting unique 360′ photos and whatever is on it’s mind live on twitter via @solosoftdrink. IMG 3151

‘We are turning back time, letting nature decide where the bottle will end up’, says explorer Jarle Andhøy. He believes the 26 feet and 2.5 ton wonder might follow the path of Thor Heyerdahl’s RA-expedition and end up in Barbados. On Solo.no/en people can follow the high-tech phenomenon’s crossing of the Atlantic and guess where the bottle ends up. The winner receives a bottle of Solo per nautical mile the bottle drifts, which should amount to several thousand bottles.

Solo have taken all kinds of safety measures. Apart from obvious things like towing it 200 nautical miles off shore before releasing it, it is equipped with navigation lights, Automatic Identification System, radar reflector and state-of-the-art tracking technology. ‘We will monitor it continuously and if needs be, use a tugboat to get it safely ashore wherever it ends up’, said Joakim Sande, CEO of Solo.

Inside the bottle is lots of Solo and a large letter to the finder.

Bård Eker, the co-owner of such speed-related companies as Hydrolift and Koenigsegg, has been in charge of creating the giant high-tech bottle. A custom made camera will upload pictures real-time to the bottle’s personal twitter account @solosoftdrink, making it the greatest bottle ever made.

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