December 1, 2021

Air France by Daniela Palimariu

I had been waiting for Wes to come and visit. He arrived on a Monday morning with Ben. I had, or somebody had dressed me in a blue shirt and a white skirt, almost like a mariner. With this outfit, I would have liked to be at the seaside with Dan, to get sand and salt on my white skirt and, just after a bath in the sea, to go to the restaurant for chicken soup.
Wes liked my blue shirt and he didn’t say anything about it. He was wearing the grey and pink jacket, the one that Ben wore when we went for cheese curds at Dairy Queen.

Each one of them took a side of my bed, next to me. Wes laughed at the drawings on the ceiling. Ben asked if he could take one, or two, with him. Then Wes took out an iPod with speakers and made me listen to a whole album from Air France, one that I had read about before on Facebook. Ben said that he drives everyone crazy with that album and that I couldn’t escape from it, and I was happy that I couldn’t.

Wes also had his laptop with him. The iPod was just for me, to keep it for a while. Wes had a Mac Book Pro with a plastic cover, full of stickers. He also had a small external wireless metallic grey keyboard for it. He didn’t bring it with him this time. The laptop was for showing me some scenes from a movie.

They put the laptop on my legs and Ben was trying to set the lid just right for me to be able to see. So he kept moving between the lid and my head to see if it works. It was good, finally, and we all watched the scenes.
There were some scenes on the beach, with orange flip-flops and a lot of white clothes. And two almost naked girls, near the water, who were talking about how they don’t have any worries here, at the seaside, and how good Brenac chocolate milk is.
Wes had seen the movie before, and he was looking at me sometimes, above his eyeglasses, semi-ironic, because this is how he was always looking, or maybe because he liked the idea of acting like before around me, although he wasn’t sure of what exactly I understand from everything.

Ben had left for a while, and when he came back he brought a room fragrance with him in a bottle. They had forgotten it in the car. He showed it to me, it was something with green, probably with green tea essence. Fortunately, I liked the scent. I was thinking, and was laughing at them, about how risky it is to buy fragrance for someone that is not able to tell you if he likes it or not, and, in a way, you are making him bear it, at least for a while. Of course, I was able to say Yes and No with my eyelids; but, even if they would have asked “Do you like it?” I couldn’t have blinked No, because there was no way I could have continued with “… but I’m very happy you thought of this.” or “I will use it when I move to another place. “

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