June 13, 2024

Alan the Accountant Children’s iphone book

Alan the Accountant
Alan the Accountant
Alan the Accountant iphone children's book
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Alan the Accountant - red tie
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Alan the Accountant
Alan the Accountant
Alan the Accountant in his pants
Alan the Accountant in his pants

Accountant stars in iPhone children’s book!

Alan the Accountant makes his debut in the new children’s book by Jinky Fox published by Flaneur.

Published on 10th August 2010, Alan the Accountant is the first in a series of new books starring people in careers that are not usually associated with children’s books. Why should only builders and postmen find fame in children’s books?! Accountants are vital to the world economy, yet children are not encouraged to say I want to be an Accountant in the same way they learn about other careers. This book resets the balance.

The Flaneur have realised that the iPhone is a perfect means of publishing children’s books. ‘Kids like to use the same things they see their parents using. They quickly pick up how to swipe the screen and move to the next page.’ Children as young as two can easily learn how to read the book, and the novelty of the iPhone makes it even more attractive.

As a student the author Jinky Fox planned to become an accountant, but was sidetracked into fine art. ‘The series of books planned for Alan the Accountant will help me examine the exciting world of Accountancy that I turned my back on,’ commented Jinky.

As you always have your iPhone on you, you now will always have a book on you to help entertain the children whenever necessary.

Publishing on the iPhone means that readers have simple and immediate access to the book. There is no sending off for it, or having to go shopping. They just visit the app store and download it. ‘Mobile publishing will only grow and grow, and we are excited to be in at the start of something so huge,’ said Jonathan Powell, publisher at Flaneur.

Children will read the book and want to become accountants!

Alan the Accountant will star in further books that will be released soon. There will also be other books starring other careers that children don’t normally read about. If you would like to hear when these are released please sign up for the general newsletter at www.flaneur.me.uk


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