June 22, 2024

Cockles and Mussels film details

The Flaneur Rolls Royce issue


A 3 and a half minute dramatic short film about an elderly couple whose long-standing relationship is revitalized by a competition they wage with each other. As they sit selling cockles by a remote seashore, each new customer beckons higher stakes and new tactics. But one of them will take the competition decidedly too far…

Leonora Lonsdale is a 24-year-old director, born and raised in the UK. Whilst travelling through Basque country, Spain, she met an elderly couple who became the inspiration for this script. She was entranced by the idea that age was no barrier when it came to amorous provocation.

The lead role of the fisherman is played by Matthew Lewis who was in Paul Newman’s ‘The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in The Moon Marigolds’ and also numerous theatrical productions in New York.


Original Production Format:  16 mm Black and White

Running time:  3 min. 58 sec

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