November 29, 2021

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Lucy Aryton: Lullabies To Make Your Children Cry

Lucy Ayrton is a poet, singer and storyteller who is totally in love with the theme of her show. Lucy cares about storytelling, fantasies and fairy tales. She cares so much that she informs the audience that Walt Disney is one of the biggest influences in her life and the words of ‘Trust in Me’ from the Jungle Book are just as memorable to her now as they were when she was a child.

Lucy is a versatile and likeable performer who has a strong personal attitude in her approach. Stories seamlessly flow into poems, which in turn transform into songs.  These are all delivered with a shy and personal tone that makes the audience feel welcome and cause us to warm to her delectable style.

The content of the performance never wavers from the theme, with stories and poems about her fictional daughter in the context of fantasy and fairy tales. Where Lucy really stands out as a performer is when she delivers a segment that requires audience participation. An interactive fairy tale is constructed with the audience deciding the fate of the protagonist. Here Lucy handles the audience with care and attention, with her bright personality being the focal point.

The small intimate venue suited the nature of the spoken word performance. Lucy narrated over an iPod backing track, but you did feel that she would stand out even more with a live band or even a subtle acoustic guitar to accompany her.
Lucy Ayrton is a natural classy performer who oozes ability and raw natural talent. She is just finding her stride as a performer and her style worked well within the constraints of her theme. The show however, did end somewhat abruptly and the audience would have liked to spend more time in her company.  This did not distract from an interesting presentation, with a bright and loveable performer at its heart.

Lucy Ayrton: Lullabies To Make Your Children Cry
Performed at The Banshee Labyrinth Edinburgh at 18.20 from August 4-14.
Part of the Free Fringe


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