July 12, 2024

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Mixy Content

We are given a brief and selected life story of hip hop influenced poet Mixy. We are told that he was still born and find out about his hatred of school, his dead end jobs, a failed relationship and how he eventually confronted the doctor who brought him back to life when he was just a baby. Although most of this content may be familiar ground, it is delivered in an engaging and imaginative way that makes the performer easy to relate to and emphasise with.

Mixy has a laid back attitude but really stands his ground as a performer when he is mid-flow and unleashing lyrical interpretations of his life. His passion is obvious and his ability to construct rhymes that convey heartfelt stories, is not only impressive, but masterful in execution. Sometimes the performer is backed by an iPod, but the quieter moments when he is delivering his poetry unaccompanied are the most memorable and developed.

The highlight of the performance is when Mixy confronts the doctor who saved his life as a child. The honest narrative of the show, previously had our performer feeling sorry for himself and angry with the doctor for saving his life. This leads to a conflict between the two, which is delivered in a flowing poetic style where Mixy takes on the persona of the doctor. This is a fitting and uplifting conclusion to the performance.

Like most performers on the fringe Mixy is let down by a poster and flyer that does not faithfully present his show, but this does not distract from his act. The performance space was not exactly fitting. Mixy was performing at 2pm downstairs in an old mans pub in Edinburgh. Folk music could be heard seeping through the ceiling and this was somewhat distracting. Mixy would be best suited to a late night performance in a small bar (which is where he will be performing from the 17-25 August). Never the less Mixy has the personality and ability to connect wit an audience and present his own unique interpretation of his life.

The Royal Oak
August 6-9, 13-16

The Banshee Labyrinth
August 17-25



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