February 26, 2024

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Monkey Poet – Potty Mouth

Monkey Poet is a confident and intelligent performer, whose poetry and storytelling is as funny as it is compelling.  Now a Free Fringe regular, Monkey Poet knows how to entertain and engage an audience through social political views and friendly banter. Appearing in a dark and atmospheric cellar in the Banshee Labyrinth venue, our performer sets the perfect tone for an early evening Free Fringe show by being full of energy and enthusiasm.

Poetry is the centre of his performance and what Monkey Poet does best. With no central theme to his act, we are given a series of poems that range in style and content, but never loose sight of their message and relevant point of view.
Topics covered include disability benefits, the inherent homosexuality in all men and the ridiculousness of the class system in modern politics. But what makes these poems stand out is not just the delivery; it is the well thought out structure and research that has gone in to the content.

Monkey Poet believes in what he is saying and understands that an audience needs comedy along with poetry. His jokes are not exactly memorable, but his stories are funny and well received. A short anecdote about an elderly lady and her ingenious heckle gets the crowd laughing and hungry for more of his tales.  His ability to improvise is also another facet of the poets performance that needs to be experienced. The way in which Monkey Poet silences a loud tourist group outside the venue is pure comedy and a sign that our performer is not only genuine, but also versatile.

Although the poetry may rely too much on rhyme, this appears immaterial, as it is Monkey Poets imaginative use of language that enhances his slick and seamless performance. Monkey Poet performs effortlessly and should be the envy for all performance poets at the Fringe. Definitely a performer who deserves to appear on a bigger stage.
Venue: Banshee Labyrinth
Dates: 4-13, 15-24 August
Time: 17.10 – 18.10
Cost: Free

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