June 20, 2024

Rome: The Borghese garden turtles

The Borghese gardens are a vital part of Rome, a cool, green space in the frenetic city. Some of the gardens are laid out formally, but most of the large park is grass where you can wander along the paths, sit on the benches and take in the relative cool.IMG 0157

In the centre of the park is a pond where intrepid souls can hire boats and sit in the blazing sun for half an hour.IMG 0142

IMG 0145

Around the northern side of the pond is an enclave that has been taken over by turtles. I saw one and was amazed.

IMG 0149

Then I saw another. And another.

IMG 0152

There are lots of them, sunbathing their hearts out and swimming gallantly around the muddy edge of their watery home.

IMG 0155

When in Rome be sure to pay them a visit.

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