March 2, 2024

The Getaway Guide for Men

The guide that de-mystifies the appeal for a couple’s romantic getaway and gives ideas to men on things to see and do for him and her!

There once was a time when you could get away with taking your girlfriend to any all-inclusive Expat haven so long as there was a beach and a sturdy bed far from the prying ears of parents. There was also a time when you could explore indigenous populations of the New World leaving a teenage wife to look after your estate and seven children.  Times change and so must you.


This doesn’t have to mean, however, bemoaning ‘holiday’ time for being ‘something she chose.’ It should and really can be something you both enjoy, even for different reasons. This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to making the most ostensibly ‘romantic’ city breaks enjoyable for even the least romantic of modern men.


For brevity’s sake – it’s well known that men are unlikely to read past two pages on ‘holidays’ – the series will focus on five criteria certain to appease any taste:


  • Old – A pejorative term for anyone but a history geek, here will reside something for even the staunchest historiphobes to raise their eyebrows at.
  • New – Cities are the platform of a country and, therefore, showcase all the nation can offer in way of progressive and chic. From modern art and architecture to nuanced nightlife this will be something to celebrate the modern metropolis.
  •  Food – Whether you’re a seasoned foody or just somebody who wants to have a nice meal with his girlfriend that’ll at once please her and not abscond with all your savings, this category will aim to encapsulate it all. Great food, great atmosphere, great night!
  • Drink – Thankfully we’re coming full circle from Bond’s Old Fashioned’s, through Twenty-Twenty and Wicked, and back to people actually enjoying a grown-up drink on its own merit again. This category will look at the best and most interesting places to drink whether it’s modern cocktail bars or hearty taverns pushing the local plonk.
  •  Tandem Tour – We’ve listed things to see now here are things to do. Something that’s fun, relatively inexpensive and will be something you can both enjoy together. Ghost Walks, Comedy Nights and Quirky Tours that will leave you both with the realisation that you went on holiday together for a reason.


These are the criteria and we’ll be sticking to them. Remember: the purpose of this guide is to help you to find a city which you can both enjoy together. To give a few options of ‘off the beaten track’ aspects of a city which you’ve probably stigmatised as a place you’d never visit willingly of your own accord. Use it so and you’re going to be able to plan getaways to incorporate both of your interests and make them breaks to remember. Either that or you can just bargain visiting each other’s interests in turn and keep your mouth shut and smiling throughout – what’s a relationship without muted compromise after all?


Next Guide … Rome!



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