February 27, 2024

It’s #InternationalCoffeeDay – Make proper espresso with @FreshCoffeeCo & @Citalia_Holiday

Today is International Coffee Day, the first official celebration of a new worldwide event to celebrate the popular caffeinated beverage. Britons are more than a little coffee obsessed, drinking approximately 70 million cups of coffee per day, according to the British Coffee Association. However, many of our favourite coffee drinks originate from Italy, of course, where Cappuccinos, Espressos and Lattes are an integral part of Italian life.

In Italy, coffee is serious business, and there are customs and knacks to perfecting a great cup of coffee. Citalia, the leading Italian holiday expert, has teamed up with Marcel Ottoy from The Fresh Coffee Company to reveal some of the tips and tricks from the birth place of coffee culture this International Coffee Day.

Marcel and Citalia have created a series of short videos on Italian coffee etiquette when travelling in Italy, as well as how to continue to enjoy great coffee at home without the need for a fancy and expensive coffee machine. Marcel demonstrates how to choose and grind coffee beans for the perfect Espresso, and three ways to make coffee at home using a cafetiere, coffee capsules and the traditional moka pot.

For those intrigued by Italy’s coffee culture, Citalia has a city break to Rome incorporating a pre-bookable Espresso and Gelato tour to discover some of the best espresso and coffee shops in the city, led by a local connoisseur.

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