July 12, 2024

A Jade Green Collection

I recently wrote an article based on so called ‘celebrities’, those who star in reality shows such as ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘TOWIE’, feeling the need to make a personal stamp in the world and bring out their own fashion lines. My article was nothing more than a critique of their intentions, asking what gave them the right to label themselves as designers when they have no experience and are simply famous for being famous.

However, there is one collection (a definite exception)  making me eat my words. It’s one so striking it could easily be mistaken for the likes of Jimmy Choo or Loubotin (with a touch of green instead of the classic red); Chloe Green’s shoe collection ‘Chloe Jade Green’.

Chloe, 20, is the daughter of British Businessman and Topshop owner, Sir Phillip Green. She had a brief stint on Made in Chelsea as Ollie Locke’s girlfriend. Now, stepping into the fashion world and finally dropping her ‘socialite’ title Chloe has designed an exclusive range of signature footwear (only an eight piece collection; tres exclusive!); available in renowned stores such as Topshop and Selfridges.

Heavily embellished with touches of intricate detail, the designs are an eclectic mix of feminine whith studs and chains that give an added edge. Textures range from sequins, for a glamorous feel, leather for a rock chick vibe and suede for an element of sophistication. The most notable aspect, however, is Chloe’s special touch. Not only has she named each shoe after someone special in her life (*Lily* Leather biker boots) they have been trademarked with a Jade green sole (Jade being her middle name). I don’t think a collection can get more personal than that. This is why her range stands out as Chloe’s contribution is clear, a lot of thought, time and effort went into making the designs as unique as they seem.

Chloe Jade Green’s signature collection.

However, it has to be said, they aren’t for the faint hearted, with heels as high as 14 cm (about 5 and a half inches). With the exception of a few flats, every shoe consists of a towering heel or wedge making the thought of walking absolutely ludicrous; definitely not intended for the working woman, living in the city, running for trains and taxis. In Harriet Walker’s article, Height of Fashion…’ she reports her attempts at walking in a pair of Green’s designs;

Well, I have tried walking in Chloe Green’s shoes but I barely made it to the end of the road.’

It’s clear these shoes were designed purely to evoke glamour and luxury, with comfort being out of the question.

As amazing as they may appear, there are pros and cons to the collection; walking is a challenge, on the other hand, they look absolutely fabulous! Yet, judging by the heels swarming the fashion world as of late (ahem, Jeffery Campbell) a challenge is something we love!


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