December 9, 2022

Authors – self-interview yourself for The Flaneur

Authors – if you would like to be featured in our self-interview feature then we would love to hear from you.

1. Copy the following questions.

2. Add your answers after each question.

3. Email your questions and answers along with two images of your work and a photo of you to with AUTHOR INTERVIEW in the title. If you would like your book reviewed as well please attach an ebook file or give information about downloading one.


We cannot use all submissions but we will use as many as possible.

You can add other questions or ignore questions as you wish.


Author Questions:

What is your name?


Where do you live?


What is your website address?


What is your latest book?


Where can we get it?


How long have you been writing?


What are your writing hours?


How has your education and life experience led into your writing?


What software or books do you use or refer to whilst writing?


When you edit are you mainly cutting or adding words?


Which books should everyone have read?


What authors do you admire and why?


Which other arts do you follow and enjoy?


To what extent do you structure your book before you start writing?


How many drafts do you tend to write?


How did you get your first book published?


How do you cope with criticism?


To what extent has the internet changed the environment for new writers?


Do you read ebooks?


Do you use social media to connect with your readers?


Do titles come before, during or after the writing process?


How tidy is your desk?


Is there a quotation you wish you had written yourself?


A sentence of advice for aspiring authors?


Please finish this limerick:

There once was a writer from…




Would you like The Flaneur to review your book? If so please send an ebook version to

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