June 20, 2024

Chinese band Rebuilding the Rights of Statues launch new album over here

Chinese art-rockers embrace western aesthetics

Heroes of the Chinese underground rock scene, Beijing-based ‘Rebuilding the Rights of Statues’ release their genre-spanning post punk inspired album Before The Applause tomorrow on Modern Sky Entertainment.  The first Chinese band to release an album in the west, Re-TROS extoll the virtues of classic independent icons Joy Division, Bauhaus and more, while taking inspiration from contemporaries Battles, Liars and TV On The Radio.

The exact birthdate of the much blogged about ‘China rock explosion’ that took place in the noughties is subject to debate. A spark of promising indie types buzzing around the toilet circuits of Beijing has caught flame and flickered to varying degrees of intensity since. Out of this scene Beijing-based Re-TROS, always felt like the most likely to shove the boundaries forward. 10 years later, they’re ready to go global with a record that’s more eclectic and transcendent than anything the scene has produced to date.

Get the album here 


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