June 20, 2024

@FRAME_brum: art online and in 30 venues across Birmingham

FRAME_birmingham is a project by Elly Clarke that sees unique and very small edition artworks by 42 local & international artists installed into a variety of businesses across the city as a means of bringing art to new audiences, new audiences to art and new contexts in which art can be shown. It is also about provoking and stimulating conversations about and around the artworks, by a variety of people in a variety of different places.


Launching at 6pm on 16th November 2012, frames will remain in place for three months, with work changing only when sold.projectframe.net will act as the mirror to show what is on display in the city. All work is also for sale, up to a maximum price of £750.


Yorks Bakery Cafe on Newhall Street in the city centre will act as the central hub during the three-month exhibition. Here you can find out more about the project or purchase tickets for tours led by Birmingham artists, curators and business owners as well as by members of the FRAME_birmingham team. And get your hands on some very tasty soups, snacks, stews and sweet things. And even drink some coffee.



Elly Clarke is an artist & curator based in Birmingham & Berlin. She is assisted by Right Hand Person Kevin Middleton and Project Assistant Jenny Duffin. Plus a number of very excellent Venue Liaison Officers, without whom this show would not be going on the road.


_ARTISTS:  Ron Athey (LONDON) / Dan Auluk (BIRMINGHAM) / Alex Billingham (BIRMINGHAM) / Jon Campbell (MELBOURNE)/ Elly Clarke (BIRMINGHAM/BERLIN) / Jeanette Dean (BIRMINGHAM) / Sue Dodd (MELBOURNE) / Kim Donaldson (MELBOURNE) / Freya Douglas-Morris (LONDON) / Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez (BERLIN) / Carly Fischer (MELBOURNE/) / Linda Franke (COLOGNE) / Jo Gane (NUNEATON/) / Caitlin Griffiths (BIRMINGHAM/) / Alexander Heaton (LONDON/) / Kers tin Honeit (BERLIN) / David Helbich (BRUSSELS) / Nurul Huda (SINGAPORE) / Harminder Judge (BIRMINGHAM/) / Lisa Jugert (BERLIN) / Fiona Macdonald (MELBOURNE/) / Karen McLean (BIRMINGHAM/) / Anna Mields (BERLIN) / Ayo & Oni Oshodi (BIRMINGHAM/) / Enda O’Donoghue (BERLIN) / Rebecca Pittam (COVENTRY)/ plan b – Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers (BERLIN) / Adele Mary Reed (COVENTRY) / Alana Richards (BERLIN) / Antonio Roberts (BIRMINGHAM/) / Fedora Romita (TORONTO)/ Liz Rosenfeld (BERLIN) / Christian Sievers (COLOGNE) / Vajra Spook (BERLIN) / Miriam Steinhauser (BERLIN) / Karen Stuke (BERLIN) / Cathy Wade (BIRMINGHAM/) / Ed Wakefield (BIRMINGHAM/) / Kym Ward (ROTTERDAM) / Edye Louise Wachler (WOONSOCKET)/ Mo White (BIRMINGHAM/) /  Martha Wilson (NEW YORK/)   //


40 ARTISTS / 30 FRAMES / 3 MONTHS / Unique & very small edition artworks by local & international artsits on show & for sale up to a maximum price of £750, in 30 different host venues across the city.

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