February 27, 2024

Musicians and bands – Self-interview yourself for The Flaneur

Musicians – if you would like to be featured in our self-interview feature then we would love to hear from you.

1. Copy the following questions.

2. Add your answers after each question.

3. Email your questions and answers along with two images of your work and a photo of you to musicinterview@flaneur.me.uk with MUSICIAN/BAND INTERVIEW in the title.


We cannot use all submissions but we will use as many as possible.

You can add other questions or ignore questions as you wish.



OK, let’s start off at the beginning.


Name/Band Name?


Where are you based and what area do you play in?


Link to your website:


How many years has your band been together/ have you been performing?


How old were you when you started playing?


What instruments do you play? What influenced your choices?


What instrument do you wish you played?


What genre would you call your music? Have you always been into this genre?


Describe your music.


Do you think the internet has helped musicians or hindered them?


Do you use social media? How do you promote yourself?


Do you enjoy other art forms?


Who are the musicians we should all be running out to listen to?


Why is live music best?


What advice can you give to people just starting out?


How much time do you spend on writing? Practising? Performing?


Tell us some amusing stories from your band’s gigs or practices.


How do you hope to develop musically?


Do you get involved with politics? Should art and politics mix?


How does a typical gig go? How long is a set?


What do you wish you had known earlier about the music industry?


When is your next recording coming out?


Will you remember us when you are famous?


Finish this limerick: There once was a muso from…



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