February 27, 2024

Trojan, works on paper – ICA

On entering the ICA’s recent exhibition of works on paper by the self titled artist ‘Trojan’ we are faced with a gallery space that has been transformed into a place of theatricality, with strip lights leaning boldly in corners and a wall plastered in Star Trek wallpaper, this set steers us in the direction of the shows overall intention, to pay homage to a lifestyle and character rather than an artist, or an instigator of interesting work. This intention is again reinforced with quotes on either end of the Star Trek wall stating eccentric snippets of the artist’s life from himself and others, proclaiming memories of drugs and prostitution along with a quote telling of an occasion when he tried to cut off his ear  (not to impersonate Van Gogh however, because he hated imitation, unless it was tacky).
The work displayed ranges from drawings to paintings, documentation and mixed media. Trojans drawings lure us into his reality with their intimacy whilst also portraying humorous and timeless characters. The influence of movements such as Cubism and Feminism is evident in his work as is his influence on future movements such as the YBA’s.
The overall striving for a portrait of an eccentric and wild character throughout this exhibition tends to overshadowed the actuality of the work, perhaps serving the artist a little unjust.

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