April 1, 2023

Bologna Jazz festival

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Bologna’s jazz festival has already been running seven years and is firmly placed on the European Jazz circuit. Taking place every November it brings musicians from across Italy and the world to the attractive porticos and clubs of Bologna. Ten days of great jazz including performances from luminaries such as Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau,and John McLaughlin as well as many others.

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The concerts also spread out into surrounding towns, with some performances in Ferrara, Minerbio and Anzola Emilia as well as Bologna. We enjoyed an evening of expert musicianship from Jimmy Villotti and his band, mellow music from guitar, bass and sax rolling over the diners at Cantina Bentivoglio. Great music and delicious food made for a great evening and a trip to the jazz festival comes highly recommended.

This year’s festival has been held in memory of Massimo Mutti, the patron and director of the festival who died earlier this year. No doubt he would have been pleased with the way the show went on.

If you are visiting Bologna outside the festival and would still like to hear some jazz in convivial surroundings, Cantina Bentivoglio hosts musicians all year round. Enjoy!

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