July 12, 2024

Unknown heroine. Sanja Ivekovic’s first solo exhibition in London

For their first collaboration Calvert 22 and the South London Gallery present Unknown Heroine: the first London-based solo exhibition of Sanja Ivekovi?.

Split between the two venues, the exhibition shows four decades of the Croatian artist’s work focusing on an exploration of the female identity at the SLG and on the questioning of historical amnesia at Calvert 22.

Violence against women, negotiation of female identity across public and private sphere, constructions of femininity, exploration of biography and subjectivity, and transition from a communist to a capitalist society are the core of Sanja Ivekovi?’s practice. In her work she questions social structures, gender politics and identity, challenging patriarchy and highlighting the omission of women from history and public life.

Curated by Lina Džuverovi?, the exhibition introduces the pioneering work of the former member of New Art Practice in collage, film, performance and installation, creating a thought–provoking itinerary that explores the potentiality of editing as a meaningful action to denounce the discrepancy between reality and constructions.

Visually powerful and emotionally dizzying, Sanja Ivekovi?’s juxtaposition of private life and pop culture, intimacy and public propaganda opens a space of awareness and forces you to question predetermined regimes of representation and to negotiate your identity and role in society.

Until 24th February 2013.

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