February 24, 2024


Eight forty-six. The sky had turned a murky blue and its edges glowed pink-gold with the setting sun. Like paper on a flame, the horizon pulsed as embers do and spat diamonds and ash up […]

Mnemonic City: Moving Streets

Part of the series Mnemonic City, Moving Streets is the latest exhibition of Magma Collective. Ridley Road Market has been the starting point for a three-month derive that ended up in a two-day exhibition and […]

Schwitters in Britain – Tate Britain

Tate Britain: Schwitters in Britain. Whoever said “it’s all the same thing” at the Tate Britain’s Schwitters in Britain exhibition clearly wasn’t looking hard enough. Curated intelligently and with a sensitivity to the work evident […]

Light Show – Hayward Gallery

Light Show – Hayward Gallery I found myself wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the Hayward Gallery’s Light Show exclaiming excitedly to my friends about the incredible work on display. My childlike wonder however, was soon checked […]

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