June 20, 2024

Advertise on The Flaneur

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. The Flaneur is an excellent website to reach intelligent, culture and travel loving readers from the UK, USA and around the world. We are now open to sponsorship, partnerships and advertising. Several options are now available at The Flaneur.

1. Sponsored posts are available 

Sponsored posts are only available for products, companies and writers that fit with the interests of Flaneur. See sponsored posts for more details.

2. Advertising slots are now available on The Flaneur

125×125 images can be displayed on the right-hand sidebar. Adverts run for one month at a time. If you wish to advertise to our readers then please visit Advertise here for details and to automatically set up your advert. email ads@flaneur.me.uk to apply for a media kit. Please bear in mind that adverts must be relevant to our readers. The Flaneur reserves the right to refuse advertising on any grounds, including that the image is aesthetically displeasing. Images must be static. Images must be 125x125pixels exactly. Images must be JPG or PNG files. More details: ads@flaneur.me.uk

3. Press/Blogger trips

The Flaneur has attended relevant press trips around the world. These are a great way to promote your destination or brand. Magazines and newspapers get thrown away daily or monthly, but the articles we write can still bring you visitors in the future. If you want to suggest a possible trip for us to cover or would like us to visit you please email pr@flaneur.me.uk .

4. Product reviews

If you want us to review a product or service then please get in touch. pr@flaneur.me.uk