July 12, 2024

X Men: Days Of Future Past

In the decade since Bryan Singer called the shots on X Men 2, not a single director has sat in the franchise chair for more than one outing. Following numerous spin offs, sequels and prequels, […]

The Invisible Woman: Film review

If period dramas featuring heavy frocked dames gazing woefully over haunted meadows is your thing then you may find much to love in Ralph Fiennes’ jaunt about Charles Dickens and his affair with a teenage […]

Last Vegas

Like a sorry cross between The Hangover and Last Of The Summer Wine, Last Vegas is a vulgar attempt to generate humour from the exploits of a group of doddery old childhood pals who travel […]

Gravity (3D): Film review

It was a basic, high concept: throw a couple of stars in space, introduce them to peril and watch in hope that they will overcome adversity and make it back to earth, and in the […]

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