March 2, 2024

Flying to the Islands

As one flies to more and more remote places stuff becomes smaller and smaller- a bit like a tree; the further from the trunk, the smaller the branches. At Birmingham airport, unused to flying by […]

Speaking Across the Seas

I was lucky enough recently to have the opportunity to travel to Chile along with my missus. In our hotel room in Santiago one evening, whilst she was chatting on the mobile phone with her […]

I Hate a Challenge

‘Challenge’ is one of those words whose meaning has changed over the last few years. Or, to be more accurate, the implied meaning of the word has changed. My pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the word […]

Boating for the Lazy

As the American cartoonist Berk Breathed said, “I like boats. They’re healthier than Valium. Cost more, though.” Boats and the idle lifestyle though, don’t, at first sight, seem to go together. Think of Ellen Macarthur, […]

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