July 12, 2024

The Rose Theatre & The Scottish Play

A review by Rohini Sunderam I don’t know which I went to see, Macbeth or the Rose Theatre. I confess the Scottish Play has a particular place in my heart, but the production was, to […]

Threading a needle

The journey of a silk thread as it becomes part of a tapestry. Secreted from the underbelly of the moth caterpillar called Bombyx mori, it sat in suspension for thirty-five days, a single filament one […]

An Assignment & Monsoon Rain

How can I, who have seen so many summers, sunsets and sunrises, laughter and tears pick one memory from my kaleidoscopic life to write about? I pick one and the kaleidoscope turns bringing together different […]

Vesna – the refugee

This was written when I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I was working alongside other new Canadians. One of the couples there were refugees from Bosnia. The lady’s husband told me that they had […]

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